That’s it, you’ve decided to start exercising… at home! Why pay for a gym membership when you can work out at home? However, you need a minimum of material and equipment if you want to obtain real results and achieve the same performance as in the gym. How to go about starting sport at home and what equipment to get? Answers.

How to start exercising at home?

The first thing to know before you embark on the purchase of materials and equipment is the objective you are aiming for. Would you like to exercise to lose weight? Gain muscle? Or just keep yourself in shape? Depending on your goal, you will move towards a certain type of training.  

When we are a beginner, we generally have little knowledge regarding the type of exercises to perform. Don't panic, there are many ways to design the sports program that suits you.  

Sports mobile applications

There is something for all tastes, all objectives, all budgets, in short, you will inevitably find an application that will meet your expectations. Generally very well designed, these applications have an integrated stopwatch and video exercise demonstrations to coach you on performing them. Some applications even give you the opportunity to interact with the community, for collective support to keep you motivated.  

YouTube sports videos

Here again, YouTube is full of explanatory videos, sometimes with complete sessions, carried out by professionals who can guide you as if they were with you. A good alternative to the coach who requires a certain budget. The advantage of the video format is that you only have to press “play” to start your session.


YouTube video

Call a sports coach

This option is certainly the most expensive, but surely the most effective since the coach will design a tailor-made program, which corresponds to your objectives but also to your profile. Medical history, possible injuries or weaknesses, type of metabolism... The program will be 100% personalized and created from the material you have at home.  

What sports equipment should you install at home?

Now that we've gone over a few options to help you determine your fitness program, it's time to look at equipment, because yes, you need a minimum amount of equipment if you want big results. 

Adjustable dumbbells

Dumbbells are essential equipment in strength training and fitness. Whether working your upper or lower body, you will need dumbbells. Fortunately, there are adjustable dumbbells that are compact and easy to store, which save you from having to collect pairs of dumbbells at home. Avalon Gear offers something for all levels with weights ranging from 2.5 to 40 kg!

The strength training bench

Rather than using the dining room chair to rest your foot or sit during your workout, a strength training bench  will be very useful to you. strength training bench allows you to perform your exercises in complete safety. It is essential, especially for all bench press exercises.

The strength training pulley

The strength training pulley  is a very versatile accessory, which allows you to do sports at your own pace. There are multiple exercise possibilities, based on the pull-down mechanism. Once the pulley is loaded with the desired weight, you can begin your pull. This movement allows you to strengthen your back, shoulders, arms, and pectorals.

The pull-up bar

To work on body weight, the pull-up bar  is ideal! It allows you to work different muscles, such as the biceps and triceps, the back but also the abdominals. All you need is space in your door frame. There are also multifunctional wall-mounted pull-up bars that allow you to do dips.

The strength training mat

Essential for doing all your floor exercises, the fitness mat  is one of the first accessories you should get. Select one of quality and comfortable, on which you can perform your abdominal exercises for example, your stretching, or why not your yoga session.

strength training elastics

To assist you in your exercises or, on the contrary, make them more complex, it is interesting to use resistance bands . There are hundreds of ways to use these strength training and they come in all strengths. Easy to store, resistance bands can really help you progress in strength training .

You now know the essential equipment you need for a real home gym. Finally, know that it is possible to measure your performance with accessories such as the connected watch . Let's go !