Adjustable dumbbell 32KG x2

  • Adjustable dumbbell 32 KG (5 levels)
  • Replaces more than 10 dumbbells!
  • Easy to store & save space
  • Robust Steel Disc
  • Pack of two adjustable dumbbells
  • Free delivery

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Adjustable dumbbell 32 kg x2

Want to move to the next muscular level? Want equipment with exceptional muscular promises? Want concrete muscles, from your living room? Discover our secret weapon, adjustable dumbbells, 32 kg x 2 to finally allow you to express your full potential at home.

The pair of adjustable dumbbells 32 kg x 2: a high-level partner

Ideal for moving to the next muscular level, this pair of 32 kg x 2 adjustable dumbbells is the essential accessory for training like a pro at home. These adjustable and adjustable dumbbells are the necessary equipment for gaining mass. Discover our different dumbbell racks . Essential for developing your home gym and at the same time your muscles, these compact , discreet dumbbells will find their place in your dedicated strength training Delivered in pairs, these dumbbells quickly make you forget about noisy, expensive and bulky classic dumbbells. These adjustable and adjustable dumbbells have a rotating system at the handle for an increment of 4, 11, 18, 25, 32 kg and a progressive and easy weight increase.

The pair of adjustable dumbbells 32 kg x 2: to become more massive

Easy to use, easy to store, robust, high quality, made of steel, this pair of adjustable dumbbells weighing 32 kg x2 is ideal for your Home GYM . But be careful, to become more massive, you must banish isolation exercises and prefer basic ones like pull-ups, squats, rows or even deadlifts. Heavy loads, i.e. 64 kg in total, for this essential part of your home gym , allow effective muscle development. And above all, even if sport is the flame that drives you, remember to give yourself periods of rest, for progressive and safe muscle gain.

Want high-potential, economical, compact and effective dumbbells? Take advantage of free delivery now to adopt a pair of adjustable dumbbells with a total of 64 kg and become more massive. Treat yourself to this pair of adjustable dumbbells, treat yourself to a well-shaped and imposing body.


45cm x 28cm

Weight adjustment level




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29 in stock