High & low wall screw pulley

  • Quick setup
  • Resistant 80KG load
  • High or Low position
  • Free delivery
  • Materials: Steel & Nylon

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High and low wall screw pulley

The wall-mounted pulley is a pulling device, which is specially designed to allow you to continue your workouts at home , without any need to subscribe to an expensive gym. You can actually use it to perform your strength training without having to leave your house.

Optimizing the space of your Vis à Vis Pulley

It does not take up any space, in fact, its dimensions are 44 cm / 17 cm / 9 cm, and you just need, as its name suggests, to simply attach it to a wall for optimal use . Thanks to a bearing weight of 80kg, which gives it excellent resistance, this wall pulley can support a very significant weight, and is truly the ideal ally for your daily training.

You will be able to easily strengthen and build your biceps, as well as your triceps and even your entire back, in a truly effective way, thanks to its advanced system allowing traction, expansion and tightening of the chest. This strength training pulley is also made of very solid materials: steel and nylon are the main components. Perfect for your future Home GYM and your training at home.

Train at home easily

Excellent value for money , the wall-mounted screw pulley will be useful to anyone wishing to carry out their strength training directly at home without having to resort to transforming an entire room of their home into a real gym. Strengthening the back of your body, and not just the back, is very important to stay in good physical condition and avoid or even relieve pain. The wall-mounted pulley, an all-in-one device, is actually practical: it gives you the opportunity to strengthen different muscle groups without having to buy an impressive quantity of equipment to perform your various physical exercises. .



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94 in stock